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Kim's technical knowledge of riding is absolutely astounding, and is perhaps, only surpassed by the depth of kinesthetic and sensory mastery she possess and employs in all of her lessons.  She readily adjusts her teaching style, expectations to the temperament and physical abilities of her students – all the while, infusing the lesson with the appropriate level of focus and fun.  Kim guides her students with much grace and patience while emphasizing the critical importance of the most essential partnership in the arena - that between you and your horse.  I have deeply appreciated learning the importance of nurturing that bond with my horse, as well as experiencing the variety of training methods, techniques she can employ in order to coax a desired result from both horse and rider.  She is an absolute pleasure to train with, bringing a bright assuredness and a persistent advocacy to the lesson - making each one fresh and exhilarating.  The undisputed result:  strong rider confidence, elegant technique and a deeper understanding of your horse!





I've had the pleasure of riding with Kim for over 4 years, and occasionally I joke that she's stuck with me for life (except I'm not joking). Kim teaches her students the theory behind the dressage and how to think like a trainer, not how to hop on and push some buttons. She's also taught me horsemanship. I've learned how to give shots, take care of wounds, pull a shoe, hitch a trailer and so many other things that have prepared me to be a horse owner. Her patience, kindness, and belief in correct training and putting the horse first are some of her greatest qualities. 

The proof of Kim's effectiveness as a teacher and trainer aren't just in my riding, it's in the drastic positive changes in my gelding Markus. I'm the kind of person who wants to do all the work myself so while I've done most of the riding on my horse, it's been under Kim's watchful eye and lessons a couple of times a week. 

Before buying Markus, I leased him for 9 months. We knew he had some significant soundness problems and we started over from the beginning. There have been many ups and downs, and Kim has guided me through them all. One condition of the lease was that I use the owners vet for bodywork. The vet had been working with Markus for a couple of years and I liked her work so much I've continued using her even after purchase. Over the last year she has made many comments about how she barely even recognizes Markus because he's improved so much. During the vet's last visit she paid Kim a compliment that Kim is too humble to mention; she loves coming to our barn because the horses that are working with Kim are constantly improving and she doesn't have to fix the same problem over and over again. I've seen this first hand - thanks to my work with Kim, Markus is sound, moving beautifully, and using himself correctly. 

I can't thank Kim enough for everything she does every day to help me in this constantly changing and challenging journey! Any horse or rider would be lucky to work with her.

Cristina & Markus

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