Training ~ Instruction



Training Philosophy

I use dressage as the foundation for horse training, whether the horse is going to be a dressage horse, or a hunter/jumper, a western pleasure horse, a saddle seat horse, a driving horse or whatever. Dressage is all inclusive. It teaches the horse how to isolate each part of their body and coordinate themselves to accomplish what is asked by the rider.

I base my program on the Pyramid of Training, the standard of the USDF, seeking to develop a horse that is strong, coordinated, flexible, thinking and feeling, ready to respond to the rider’s specific aids and eager to please. I take utmost care to guide every horse toward its maximum potential without destroying the radiant spirit of the horse.

My training services include starting horses under saddle, lungeing, ground manners, in-hand, cavaletti, higher level dressage training, showing in-hand and under saddle. I am happy to tailor a program to meet your horse’s needs. Please contact me for more details.


Instruction Philosophy

As with the training of the horse, I utilize dressage principles to build the foundation for my students. It teaches the rider how to isolate each part of their body and each part of the horse’s body, and then coordinate all those individual parts to work as a whole. It develops strength, coordination, flexibility, cognitive awareness and most importantly “feel”. As these things are learned, the rider can then go into any discipline they choose whether it is dressage, hunter/jumper, trail, western, saddleseat etc...  the foundation is laid and you simply change the costume.

I specialize my teaching to fit the students needs whether they are just beginning, returning to the sport after time off, or currently in training. I utilize the lunge line often to help the rider center themselves and to develop the core strength necessary for riding well. Much of my teaching is drawn from others as I certainly do not have all the answers myself, and I also strongly believe in continuing my education. I utilize such greats as Sally Swift, Mary Wanless, Ekhart Meyners, Walter Zettle, Alois Podjahsky and more.

I have taught many ages of riders over the years, and I love them all. I accept students from the age of 6 to adult. I have two wonderful school horses, so you certainly do not need your own horse. It is best to have your own riding equipment (breeches, boots and helmet), however for the first few rides I have helmets and boots available for use (mostly children's size boots). Everyone is required to wear a certified helmet.


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