School Horses:

Dakota is a Pinto gelding with bloodlines influenced by Warmbloods, Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds. This sporty guy is flashy but with a very gentle soul. He loves to cuddle and will use his big brown eyes and ears to try to get out of work every time! Sensitive and comfy, Dakota is great for beginners but also talented for more advanced riders. An eventing horse in his past life, he is learning more about Dressage and seems to like it, though we do throw in a jump or two on occasion for flavor. And of course he's a Seahawks fan!!!

US Debutante is a wonderful mix of Mustang, Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred blood. She is just coming into her prime at 9 years old but knows her job as a school horse well. She is very steady and patient being handled on the ground and from the saddle. Deb is fabulous on the lunge line teaching beginners the basics, but is also strong and sensitive offering a unique challenge for more experienced riders. 


Former School Horses:

Indy is an Andalusian/Quarter Horse cross born in 1991. She was a favorite among students because she is sensitive, gentle, easy to sit and understands English! No joke! But, she expects riders to ask nicely and do things right all the while remembering to breathe. With a keen intelligence and willing attitude, she has been a priceless part of WJT's lesson program. Indy was retired in 2013 due to developing navicular concerns. She now enjoyes pasture life with a companion.

Jilly- a special Quarter Horse mare who was very steady and trustworthy. An excellent lunge line horse, she taught many riders the basics. Jilly was reitred from lessons in 2010 due to injury. Unfortunately in the Fall of 2012 Jilly had to be put down due to degeneration of her coffin bone.

Fabio- the sweetest Appalousa gelding you'll ever know, Fabio was a kind soul. A school horse for many years, he offered beginners a slow and steady personality with smooth gaits and gentle willingness. After faithful service for some time, Fabio was slowing down and ready for an easier life. In 2008 he moved to Camp Berachah in Auburn to work as a therapy horse until retirement. 


Horses in Training:


April Storm is a lovely part Arabian with amazing potential for any discipline. She is supple, strong and very willing but quietly expects to be treated with the respect she deserves. She loves the outdoors, especially mud baths and rain, and is one of the smartest horses I've ever trained. Along with her talent, she will do very well in the dressage ring given the chance. April is only 5 years old in this photo and won her class with a 67% at training level the first time out.


Former Training Horses:

Markus & Cristina- with this 13 year old Danish warmblood, Cristina has taken her skills to a new level. They have been working hard for a year and a half filling in holes in Markus' foundation. This pair has developed a strong bond and dedicated work ethic that will propel into them show ring at 3rd level next year.

Colton & Dana- Colton is a very cute and friendly 11 year old Thoroughbred. With a goofy and sensitive personaility there's never a dull moment. Dana has had a steep learning curve with this special guy of hers, but both horse and rider have improved by leaps and bounds (sometimes literally).

US Freedom, being a half sister to US Debutante, is a mix of Mustang, Quarter Horse and Arabian blood. With this wonderful breeding, this lovely mare is light and sensitive, fiesty and hardy, and has endless energy! With these qualities she would make a fabulous endurance mount. Very curious and super friendly her personality resembles a puppy complete with overactive tongue! A fun and willing riding partner you can't help but smile when working with her.

Braveheart WC- this talented Arabian gelding was the best horse I've ever ridden. He was light and elastic, sensitive and bold, and super flashy in the show ring. Exceptional talent for extension as well as passage & piaffe he was a fabulous partner. Though our showing was limited, we grew and learned much together. I would not be the rider I am today without having worked with this amazing horse. He was one in a million.


Baffles Chelsea- a special mare who came to me later in life having been a broodmare for a number of years. With Mustang and Thoroughbred blood she was tough as nails but with nice sensitivity. Her dominant personality came with a strong work ethic that carried her though her last show season. Improving with each show, she carried me to an unforgettable Championship ride through the puddles. She was retired from riding due to age and returned to being a broodmare.


With a Twist- This elegant Arabian gelding was uncomplicated and fun to ride but with just enough spunk to keep you on your toes. A seasoned competitor on the Arab circuit, Twist had all the talent and breeding (Bask*) you could want in a performance horse. He had some re-learning to do when his owner started him in dressage work, but he adapted well and became very capable at 1st level.


Beyzaza- this fun Arabian mare never got a chance to show but had all the necessary qualities. Very elegant and sensitive, she required expert skill to bring out the best in her. Never to be taken advantage of, she taught me how to not just ride, but really think through the training.


Luvsong- one of the most athletic horses I've had the pleasure to work with, this little Arabian mare was tons of fun. Very willing and easy to ride she worked very hard and was gorgeous while doing it. Great all around mount happy as a hunter, very sexy as a western horse and easy going on the trail.