Here are some frequently asked questions.


I've never ridden before. Do you teach beginners?

Yes! I love teaching beginners; especially those with no experience because they are a clean slate. It is a great pleasure to share in the moments of wonder and amazement that a beginner experiences when they begin to ride. 


Do I need my own horse to take lessons?

No. I have two wonderful and patient school horses who love their job. All you need is a treat in your pocket and they will be your friend for life.


Do I need riding clothes and equipment?

Not initially. Riding clothes are expensive so I feel folks do not need to invest in them until they are certain they will continue riding for a while. All you need in the beginning are long pants that you can move around in, strudy shoes (hiking boots/shoes are ideal) and appropriate clothes for the weather that are not too bulky. It gets very cold at the barn in the winter so dress accordingly!

If you are planning to ride for more than 3 months I highly recommend getting your own gear. Riding breeches, riding boots, riding gloves and a certified helmet. Riding gear is made for the sport and will be the most comfortable and functional for riding so go to the tack store for these items. See my Links page for nearby tack stores.


Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes. Everyone is required to wear certfied safety headgear. A head injury is a high price to pay for vanity. I have helmets available for use if you do not have one or forget yours when you come to ride.


What days do you teach lessons?

I teach Monday through Saturday throughout the day and evening. No lessons on Sunday. 


How often should I ride?

As often as you can! Most people ride once a week, however riding is like any other activity, the more you do it the better you become. If you are serious about learning and perhaps want to have your own horse one day, you should be riding at least twice a week and more whenever possible. 


I want to get started. What happens now?

Great! I recommend you come out to the barn so we can talk more in depth and you can watch a lesson. Contact me for an appointment. Once we set your lesson time, you should plan on coming 30 minutes beforehand to get your horse ready. You will ride for 1 hour then will need another 30 minutes afterward for putting the horse away.


I've ridden before and want more than a beginner's program. What do you offer?

Many students come to me with prior experience and it is wonderful to work with them because we can jump into detailed work. In the beginning I start everyone the same- on the lunge line with no stirrups or reins- so I can get a feel for the rider's abilities. For someone who knows what they're about we progress very quickly to more advanced work, but I believe in a solid seat foundation that is best built on the lunge line. I am experienced training through 4th level but especially enjoy working with horses and riders below 2nd level.


Where are you located?

I am currently located at Hollywood Hill Equestrian Center Inc in Woodinville, WA. The barn address is 15502 NE 165th St, Woodinville 98072